Volcano Miravalles

One of the traditional tourist destinations, Miravalles is a fully rural area of Costa Rica. Far from the crowds and cities is a real field stop. Dairy farms, farmers grow tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers are part of the landscape of the volcano. Along the base of the volcano are Miravalles Fortune Guayabo and two small communities where residents live in peace and surrounded by tropical forest farmland. Schools, grocery stores, … Read More “Volcano Miravalles”

Diria Coffee Tour & Nicoya

Find the best Coffee tour in the area of Guanacaste. The guests will be welcomed at typical “Chorotega” house that shows the legacy of pre-Columbian Costa Rican “Chorotegas” native people, here different activities from years past in Costa Rica traditions will be presented to the guests. It’s starting point where the history of our facilities and Costa Rica will be explained (1:20 min). With the explanation of the indigenes Costa … Read More “Diria Coffee Tour & Nicoya”

Guaitil Pottery & Palo Verde boat tour

At only 15 minutes you can complete the tour with a visit to the cultural community of San Vicente or Guaitil. These are people of Nicoya and Santa Cruz have inherited from our ancestors “Chorotegas” the development of pre-Columbian style pottery, using the same techniques and materials similar to those used for many years.We are mumble potters who makes the same pieces that Indians made in the past such as … Read More “Guaitil Pottery & Palo Verde boat tour”

Arenal Volcano

This is a perfect cone shaped volcano (Estratovolcano), rising up between the foot of the Tilarán mountains and the San Carlos plains at about 1680 meters (5512 feet) above sea level. Considered an extinct volcano or simply the Arenal hill before 1968, nobody expected on July 29th of 1968, at 7:30 in the morning the Arenal awoke in an impressive eruption. The explosion was so incredible that some rocks reached … Read More “Arenal Volcano”

Monte Verde Could forest

It is the tropical cloud forest reserve of the world’s most famous and one of the largest private protected areas in Costa Rica. Visited by people from various countries, nature lovers, who seek to enjoy, appreciate and study the rich biodiversity of their ecosystems. Activities: Suspended Bridges Tours. Coffe Tours. Butterfly Garden. Canopy Tours. Horseback riding Tours.

Palo Verde National Park (along the Tempisque River)

Palo Verde National Park, is state owned, is located in Guanacaste Province, between Tempisque river and river Bebedero. It was declared a national park on June 13, 1980 and included in the List of Wetlands of International Importance on December 27, 1991. It has an approximate area of 19,800 hectares. It consists of a set of diverse habitats of flood plains, rivers and bordered by a row of calcareous hills. … Read More “Palo Verde National Park (along the Tempisque River)”

Palo Verde National Park

We start our 2:00 hours adventure on the Tempique River, surrounding Palo Verde National Park. You would enjoy the dry forest vegetation; mangroves, perfect for birds habitats and for some other common animals from this region. You would also witness the transit of tons of different birds, local and migratory. You would get to see a wide variety of animals such as: Piches, Jesus birds, Macaws, Herons (Egretta Thula), Tiger … Read More “Palo Verde National Park”